AMI’s president speech Zo Cultural Show

Australia Myanmar Institute’s president’s speech at the Zo Cultural Show

AMI was invited to speak at the Zo Cultural Show by Zo Australia Inc on Easter Monday (17th April 2017) in the Melbourne suburb of Heathmont.  The event was very well attended by AMI members, Myanmar diaspora and Zo supporters, and it was a good opportunity to meet the special guest, Chairman of the Zo National Region Development Party, Andrew Kham En Thang.

Chairman of Zo National Region Development Party, Andrew Kham En Thang


MP Hon Heidi Victoria 

President of Australia Myanmar Institute, Christopher Lamb’s speech

Speech by Pu Piang Lian

 Zo cultural dance

Awarding ceremony


Zo Cultural Dance

Zo Fashion Show


Solo singer 

Solo singer

Audience at Zo Cultural Show


L to R – Jeffery, Christopher Lamb (President of Australia Myanmar Institute), Andrew Kham En Thang (Chairman of Zo National Region Development) & Boe Cho (Program Coordinator of Peace Programme, The Women’s League of Burma-WLB)


L to R – Zo youth, May Kyel Winn (AMI), Fiona Mackenzie, Yu Yu Win (Karen ethnic group leader from AMES), Boe Cho

Group photo of the day