September Seminar_Zoom Meeting


Myanmar’s General Elections – 8 November 2020

Australia Myanmar Institute invites you to a scheduled Zoom meeting

Date: September 28, 2020 (Monday). 

Duration: 1 hour

Time: 6:00-7:00 PM Australia/Melbourne Time (2:30-03:30 PM Myanmar/Yangon Time)

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Meeting ID: 2852417834

Two experienced journalists will offer their perspectives on the general elections to be held in Myanmar on 8 November.  They have unique backgrounds in Myanmar and its political evolution and will offer us their views on the importance of the 2020 elections and the way the country’s democracy is moving at national, regional and local levels.  They are also equipped to speak on the way ethnicity will affect the campaign and the outcomes, as well as on the potential of the COVID-19 crisis on the way the elections will proceed.

Toe Zaw Latt is working as an operations director at Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB). He has 14 years of media management and journalism experience. He was a student activist in the 1988 nationwide uprising in Burma  Toe Zaw Latt obtained a BA (Business Administration) at Bradford University in the  UK, and an MA (Asian Studies) Monash University in Melbourne.

Larry Jagan is a freelance reporter, analyst and media consultant and a specialist on Myanmar.  He is a former BBC World Service news editor for South East Asia, well known in Myanmar for his coverage of Burmese politics, especially since 1988. Larry Jagan obtained a BA (honours in history) and an MEd from Monash University in Melbourne.

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***NOTE: Zoom can work very well during our events, but it poses difficulties for people with a poor internet connection. So, people from Myanmar (or elsewhere) who might have a poor internet connection or low bandwidth should turn off the video mode and listen to the seminar. You may be able to switch on the video from time to time just to see who is speaking, but definitely don’t use the video mode if you wish to speak yourself.  You should pose your questions using the chat function.  AMI will upload the whole seminar later on the AMI website and Facebook page.