Research call on Gender Equality and Decentralization in Myanmar – Deadline August 7

As Myanmar transitions to a democratic government, it is crucial to nurture meaningful dialogue about the process and to promote economic growth that benefits women and men of all ethnicities. In June 2017, the Minister for International Development announced “Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar”, a partnership between Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and Global Affairs Canada to support this democratic transition through policy research. The partnership will strengthen analytical thinking and research capacity among civil society, universities, and government. Working with other development partners, the partnership will use several methods to meet this objective such as building institutional capacity through training and mentorship: providing core funding to independent think tanks in Myanmar to enhance their organizational capacity; and funding grants for joint research projects. For the latter, a call is currently open for Myanmar-based research institutions working with international research partners, willing to examine gender equality in a decentralized Myanmar. Apply here