Myanmar Speaker Series

The three very interesting webinars in this list are hosted by the Knowledge for Democracy initiative. Please note that the starting time for each webinar is shown as Canadian Eastern Daylight time and the Australian Eastern Summer Time for each webinar is 0100 the next day. If you would rather see the webinar as a recording you just need to register for each webinar that you want and the K4DM team will send you a 30 minute recording. It’s free.

Triple Feature of the Myanmar Speaker Series next week – Gender, Inclusivity, and Decentralization in Myanmar’s 2020 Election

Time: 10:00AM-11:00AM (EST; 8:30-9:30PM Myanmar) Wednesday, Thursday and Friday or 0100-0200 Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Australian Eastern Summer Time General elections on November 8th will be a pivotal step towards democracy in Myanmar. In preparation, the Knowledge for Democracy Initiative invites you to three webinars, one hour each, where grantees will discuss research findings on key underlying issues to consider for the election and Myanmar’s path towards inclusive and democratic governance. Please register below to individual sessions – if you can’t attend one of the sessions, register anyway! The K4DM team will send a 30 minute recording of the presentation your way to watch at your convenience.
(1) Tues Oct 27 @ 10am EST / 8:30pm Myanmar– Towards Gender Equality: Implications for the 2020 Myanmar Elections (English only) This talk will focus on a recent report by the Enlightened Myanmar Research Foundation (EMReF) that explains why there is currently so much gender inequality in political participation in Myanmar, and what can be done to change that, including making progress towards government targets. 
(2) Wed Oct 28 @ 10am EST/ 8:30pm Myanmar – Working Pathways to Women’s Political Participation (English only) A new survey conducted across Myanmar presents valuable evidence to understand and overcome women’s barriers to participate in politics. Join us as the Gender Equality Network (GEN, Myanmar) in partnership with the Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand) and McGill University (Canada) share their preliminary results of the research project – “Barriers and Pathways to Women’s Political Participation in Myanmar” 
(3) Thurs Oct 29 @ 10am EST / 8:30 pm Myanmar – How to support Sub-national Parliaments? 2020 Elections – Part Two (bilingual – English/Burmese)The Parliamentary Centre (Canada) and a local think tank, Enlightened Myanmar Research Foundation (EMReF) take on what to expect at sub-national parliaments, and how the new composition of will affect the decentralization process in Myanmar. A recording of part one of this talk – which focused on parliamentary research support can be found here.