March Monthly Seminar_Zoom Meeting  

NUG’s current position with EAOs & military

This seminar will be a virtual event, online via Zoom.

Date: March 25th, 2024 (Monday)  

Duration: 1 hour

Time: 06:00 – 07:00 PM AEST Time (13:30-14:30 Myanmar/Yangon Time)

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The National Unity Government (NUG) and three ethnic resistance organisations issued a joint position statement on 31 January which amongst other things said the 2020 election outcome was a mandate for revolutionary change and called for the establishment of a new federal democratic union. It is the first time that the NUG has indicated in a document a willingness to negotiate with the military.

There had previously been some criticism of the NUG for not articulating a vision for the future and of the resistance more generally for not being united. Does the Joint Position Statement respond to these criticisms and what are the next steps? Will other EROs join the statement? Is this just post-Operation 1027 optimism or is the vision really coming closer to fruition?

This seminar highlights NUG’s current position with EAOs and military with Dr Tun Aung Shwe and Dr Michael Breen.

Dr Tun Aung Shwe is the Representative of Myanmar’s National Unity Government in Australia, appointed on 19 July 2021. He is a graduate of University of Medicine (1) Yangon, University of Economics Yangon and University of New South Wales. He enjoyed the general practitioner life with local communities for 10 years in Kachin State, then moved to the non-profit, humanitarian sector, and worked for diverse projects and programs in Myanmar. He came to Australia for further study in public health and health management in 2008. Currently, he is undertaking Doctoral Studies at UNSW in the area of peace, conflict, and social cohesion.  

Dr Michael Breen is a lecturer in Public Policy in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne.  He has had extensive experience in Myanmar and has made presentations to AMI on federalism and surveys in the past.

Questions and Answers will follow the presentations.

***NOTE: Zoom can work very well, but it poses difficulties for people with a poor internet connection. So, people from Myanmar (or elsewhere) who might have a poor internet connection or low bandwidth should turn off the video mode and listen to the seminar. You may be able to switch on the video from time to time just to see who is speaking.. You can pose questions using the chat function.  The whole seminar will be uploaded later on the AMI website and Facebook page.