July Monthly Seminar_ZoomMeeting

NGOs working with vulnerable Myanmar people

Australia Myanmar Institute invites you to a scheduled Zoom meeting

Date: July 27, 2020 (Monday). 

Duration: 1 hour

Time: 6:00-7:00 PM Australia/Melbourne Time (2:30-03:30 PM Myanmar/Yangon Time)

Join Zoom Meeting: https://monash.zoom.us/j/98014774938

Meeting ID: 980 1477 4938 

Two NGOs will profile their work.  One will be speaking about the situation of Kayin people on the Thai border and the other will describe its work with victims of human trafficking in Yangon.  Both organisations work in Myanmar and have strong Australian connections.

This is important, for while the COVID-19 crisis is critically important we must not lose sight of the priority for other especially vulnerable people.

David Home is the Development Coordinator for Sharing Hope, an NGO which works extensively with refugees and displaced people on the Kayin border with Thailand https://sharinghope.org.au/. He has travelled four times to the border region and knows the communities and their needs well. He is trained in Youth Work and Community Development, having completed his Bachelors of International Development in 2016 from Australia Catholic University.

Thiha Nyi Nyi works with Akhaya Women https://www.akhaya.org/en as the organisation’s Program Manager with a focus on leading the program of prevention and response on violence against women and girls, as well as women’s empowerment initiatives. He is committed to gender equity and social inclusion and has worked with Akhaya Women and other NGOs for many years and is a strong advocate for the rights of women, girls and other marginalised groups. His current project involves the training of female silver-smiths from anywhere in Myanmar, including the border regions, to provide skills for financial security and self-reliance.  The program is challenging long-held beliefs about the roles of women and men and is training women who have escaped violence or the risk of violence, in the art of jewellery making.  Akhaya Women is a Myanmar NGO supported by a prominent AMI sponsor, Anglican Overseas Aid.

For more information about AMI, please visit: aummi.edu.au/. Recordings of past seminars can be found at https://aummi.edu.au/news-and-events/ami-event/monthly-seminar/.

***NOTE: Zoom can work very well during our events, but it poses difficulties for people with a poor internet connection. So, people from Myanmar (or elsewhere) who might have a poor internet connection or low bandwidth should turn off the video mode and listen to the seminar. You may be able to switch on the video from time to time just to see who is speaking, but definitely don’t use the video mode if you wish to speak yourself.  You should pose your questions using the chat function.  AMI will upload the whole seminar later on the AMI website and Facebook page.