Burmese Courses at ANU

Australian National University will offer Burmese 1 and Burmese 3 courses online for Semester 1, 2021. 
  • Burmese language studies for a Minor Degree at ANU are now much easier to access.
  • In 2021 this two-year Online course will be linked to Open Universities Australia (OUA).
  • OUA’s fees are very reasonable for those who wish to just learn the language.  
  • This course is also suitable for Myanmar heritage students who have grown up speaking English.
The University’s Burmese courses equip students with a solid foundational knowledge of the Burmese language and an awareness of Myanmar’s culture and history.  Students will gain knowledge of colloquial style Burmese language skills essential to everyday life at home and in the workplace.  Students will also learn the basics of literary style Burmese, which will give them a solid basis in reading skills to approach a wider range of authentic Burmese publications, as well as develop their conversational ability.
BURM 1002 (Burmese 1)
BURM 2001 (Burmese 3)
(Burmese 2 and Burmese 4 will be offered for Semester 2, 2021)
Course Convenor:   Dr. Yuri Takahashi 


The course will begin from 22 February 2021.  Hurry up for enrolment!  For details please contact ANU College of Asia & the Pacific Student Centre.  Thank you.
CAP Student Centre
T  02 6125 3207